Summer Session 1

Summer Session 1 provides students and their families with a comprehensive introduction to Social Thinking. This includes instruction in the 4-Steps to becoming a Social Thinker as well as each of the first five core concepts of Social Thinking:

  • Thoughts & Feelings
  • Thinking with Eyes
  • The Group Plan
  • Body & Brain in the Group
  • Active Listening.

Interwoven within each session will be engaging activities related to the three “units” of the #brainboss curriculum: “Know Thyself”, “Know Others”, and “Know the Code”.

Summer Session 2

Summer Session 2 takes students and families beyond the basics of Social Thinking and provides the framework for a deeper, more nuanced understanding of what it means to be a social thinker.

Previously learned material is consistently reinforced as students are brought further toward improving their social competencies. Continued supportive self-reflection and positive social experiences foster a growing intrinsic motivation to keep working on their ever-evolving social thinking.

Finally, students begin to explore their executive functioning. The Executive Functioning curriculum (“Command and Control”) seeks to engage students in developing these essential competencies for effective engagement in learning and working in the world. This curriculum teaches and fosters organized thinking, WE-Thinking; and FORETHOUGHT.