Does your child struggle with understanding social cues and making conversation with peers and adults? 

Do they misinterpret other people or lack self-awareness when interacting?  

Does your child have trouble fitting-in with peers or have difficulty developing and maintaining friendships?

Does your child avoid social situations or have anxiety when faced with social interaction?

If you answered yes to any of these, then Social Matters is for you.

Social Matters goes BEYOND teaching social skills and helps students develop their social COMPETENCIES. Using the renowned, Social Thinking Methodology created by Michelle Garcia Winner, Social Matters guides students through a dynamic process of learning and self-discovery that will result in increased confidence, a better understanding of the “hidden rules” of the social world, and ready-to-use strategies for navigating interaction with others.

Our coach, Katie MacKenzie, MS, CCC-SLP is a social-cognitive specialist who works with students who have social learning challenges in grades 5-12 at Rochester NY’s premier private special education school. Katie was trained in Social Thinking methodology and treatment at the Intensive Clinical Training in Boston, MA. 

With Social Matters, your child will learn the ins and outs of thinking socially (understanding boundaries, body language, social problem-solving and much more) with direct instruction in the core concepts of Social Thinking. They will practice their competencies while engaging with other students via the on-line platform, receive candid (but compassionate) feedback and develop their own strategies for overcoming roadblocks to social success.

Let Social Matters be your child’s first step toward confident, meaningful and enriching interaction. Register now.